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The Dutch language comprises so much more than language alone. Language is a habit, a tradition, sharing opinions, values ​​and passions. With language you can find your way and make full use of your own capabilities. RED offers different custom-made language training to international (healthcare) employees.

Dutch language training in the Netherlands 

Red Language & Training will offer you language training and training skills specifically for healthcare employees. When you work in the Netherlands, the Dutch language runs through your career as a common thread.

Our team is specialized in educating the Dutch language, so you can achieve the NT2 state exam B1 and B2.

To be able to perform your work properly, it is necessary to have level A2 (CEFR English). If you don’t have the level A2? Then you can follow the starter course at Red Language & Training!

Proof of language proficiency

We focus primarily on foreign speaking healthcare workers in the Netherlands. As a healthcare worker, communication is extremely important! Therefore it is important to have a good command of the Dutch language, so that communication between you, your patient and others run smoothly.

You are required to obtain a proof of language proficiency.

Nurses, physiotherapists, physician assistant  and midwives

As a nurse you have to register yourself in the BIG register. Therefore you need to have a certified diploma for the Dutch language, level B1 of the Common European Training Framework.

For registering in the BIG register as physical therapist, physician assistant  or midwife  you need a certified diploma for the Dutch language, level B2 of the Common European Training Framework.

  • Do you already live in the Netherlands and you already speak Dutch? Then you can choose to do level B1 and B2, so after that you can perform the NT2 exam.
  • Do you still live abroad , but you already speak Dutch? Then you can take a test Dutch as a foreign language (CNaVT). This must be a test of: Nederlandse Taalunie. The certificate states: College voor Toetsing en Examens of de Nederlandse Taalunie (Source: CIBG Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport)

What do we offer?

Our language school offers various language packages:

  1. NT2 for Healthcare Professionals (stands for Dutch as a second language), customized education for business. Preliminary stage state exam (A0-A2)
  2. NT2 I and II state exams preparation (A2-B1 and B1-B2)

What makes us unique

  •  We teach courses/trainings in small groups and the student is key
  •  We will strive to teach you Dutch as well as possible
  •  Our lessons contain explanations that are necessary to function in the Dutch Healthcare
  •  The lessons are always custom-made and inspiring
  •  We only use carefully chosen methods and online learning materials
  •  In the lessons we teach everything you need to pass your state examination

RED Language & Training

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