RED has two locations:

Missieklooster Zuster van het Heilig Bloed

The Missing Monastery of Holy Blood is a monastery of the Missionary Sisters of Precious Blood located on the Kloosterdreef in Aarle-Rixtel. This Congregation, the Mission Sisters of Precious Blood, was founded in 1885 in Mariannhill, near Durban in South Africa, by the Trappist Franz Pfanner. RED works closely with the missionary sisters and has access to the training rooms of the missionary monastery.

Address: Kloosterdreef 7, 5735 SJ Aarle-Rixtel
County: Noord-Brabant

Training location RED

The head office of RED Language and Training is located in Tilburg. RED has access to all the facilities needed to provide the students with quality lessons.

Address: Aphroditestraat 37, 5047 TW Tilburg
County: Noord-Brabant

RED Language & Training

Aphroditestraat 37
5047 TW  Tilburg
  +31 (0)640 40 24 88


KvK nr.51980339