NT2 for Healthcare Professionals

The NT2 training course for Healthcare Professionals has been developed in cooperation with Nediocare (European Recruitment bureau) in order to educate non-Dutch-speaking Healthcare Professionals in the Dutch language in short notice and to integrate them into the Dutch Healthcare system.

Profile of our students:
You live in the Netherlands, but you do not have sufficient knowledge of the Dutch Language and Culture to be able or allowed to carry out your profession as a Health Care Professional.

The aim of the training is to achieve CEFR level B1 (https://rm.coe.int/168045bb51), which is the qualification for a nurse to register in the ‘BIG register’. No starting level is required at the start of the training. The training consists of two parts:

1) Dutch Language (NT2)

Employers often require that a foreign-speaking employee is in possession of the NT2 diploma. With this diploma, the student has the proof that he or she is able to communicate in Dutch in words and in writing at the B1-level.

RED Language & Training specializes in teaching NT2, so the students are well prepared for these exams. Our courses are intensive: the number of teaching hours determines the speed. The average hours required to pass the NT2 B1 state exam are 480 hours.

We offer daily lessons, so that the student is able to speak and understand the Dutch language within 4 weeks at the A1-level. We also focus on grammar and reading. Our course program is unique and this way the student is trained intensive for the state exam B1 in only 3 months.

During your training the student will work on the following language skills:

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Conversation skills

2) Training in Nursing Skills & Healthcare Knowledge

Red Language & Training offers an additional skills-programme for healthcare professionals. It is very important for health workers to have a high level of command of the Dutch language and have passed the state examen I (B1). That is why this programme has been compiled from the professional competence and qualification dossiers of the Dutch health care programmes.

During your study programme, the student will study the following subjects:

  • Medical jargon
  • Nursing activities
  • Standards and values
  • Cultures
  • Your role in (Dutch) society

Click here for the study-guide (in Dutch)

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