NT2 I and II state exam preparation

  • Do you, or your employees, already have knowledge of the Dutch language, but do not yet have the right level to pass all Dutch state exams?
  • You want to follow a course at MBO, HBO or university. The programme requires a State Diploma NT2 as proof of language proficiency.
  • You do not have an official diploma from a Dutch study programme, but you want to work at a higher vocational education level, higher professional education level, or university level.
  • You want to integrate in Holland with a high language level.
  • You want to naturalise and take an official Nt2 exam at a high language level.

Our team is NT2 certified and is very experienced in teaching the Dutch language!

NT2 I and II State examinations NT2 I and II

For most professions it is very important to have a good command of the Dutch language. That is why you have to pass the NT2 B1 or B2 (https://rm.coe.int/168045bb51) state examination. For a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you must have at least the NT2 state examination at B2 level.

We use scientifically proven methods that are tailored to educate middle and highly educated employees. Depending on the initial level (CEFR) of the student, a tailor-made proposal will be made to train the student to the desired level. Of course, we make maximum use of practice exams in order to avoid surprises with the actual exams.

We are specialized in training all parts of the Dutch state exam:

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Listenening
  • Reading

We differentiate our education style so that the student is able to reach all levels of the Dutch language. The student is also supported by our teachers. The students practice together in a class and work independently at their own level!

Entry test

Would you like to attend a Dutch training course at RED for the first time? If so, you may need to take an entry test and/or have an intake interview with a teacher. It’s dependant on your situation.

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